$400,000 + design and installation


This lavish home is the client’s primary residence. They wished to have a centrally controlled system that would allow access to all audio, video, lighting and HVAC operations from any of the numerous touch panels throughout the residence. They wanted to ensure that any camera within the home could be viewed, at the touch of a button, from any TV or touch panel. The client also asked that most, if no all, of the devices be seamlessly blended into the natural cabin décor of the home.


The homeowner was aware of certain audio distribution systems and wanted a similar set up for this home. After an in-depth consultation covering lighting control, climate control, integration, CCTV and motorization, the project evolved into a much more sophisticated integrated solution that was far better suited to the client’s lifestyle.


Total customized automation responding to the client’s desire to control the entire system from any touch panel:

  • 144 individual lighting loads

  • 41 high-voltage lighting switches

  • 30 audio zones

  • 6 high def flat screens; 5 security cameras

  • customized security control

  • complete HVAC system control

  • 2 automated TV lifts

  • 3 HD PVR satellite recievers

  • XM satellite

  • dedicated 7.2 surround sound custom theatre room

  • 14 Terabyte audio video server system


  • An automated lift was incorporated to lower a 50-inch flatscreen from the ceiling in the master bedroom. Special considerations were taken to insulate the television from harsh temperatures when it is raised into the attic.

  • A second lift was incorporated in the living room to conceal the flat screen within the cabinetry.

  • All music and movies are digitally stored on an uncompressed hard-drive system that is expandable to accommodate any number of titles in the client’s collection. All CD and DVD entertainment is available in any audio or video zone in the home.


The completely custom-designed and engineered system was implemented in stages, allowing incremental increases in lighting loads, control interfaces and automated components. Our client was amazed and delighted with the ability to control multiple lighting loads with one discrete, but attractive, user-friendly keypad. The mechanical room organically evolved into an immaculate showroom of high technology; allowing the homeowners to display the electrical and mechanical components in a stunning fashion.