$250,000 + design and installation


In this project our client’s primary concern was to centrally locate all electronic equipment so that every source was available from any location throughout the home. All components were to be fully integrated including security, indoor/outdoor lighting, audio/video and climate options from a single rack location utilizing Creston control processors.


Initially, our client was primarily looking for CCTV security and audio/video distribution. Through discussion, we learned that the client was also very interested in the most current technologies that were available, but was unaware of what existed and was more than pleasantly surprised by what features were eventually implemented. SYSTEMS ultimately delivered a total-home integration solution, going well above and beyond the client’s original expectations.


Total customized automation, incorporating control from any remote or touch panel in each designated area:

  • 128 lighting loads each controlled by low-voltage control key pads

  • 23 individual audio zones

  • 16 high def flat screens

  • 30 low-voltage control keypads

  • 18 motorized window shades

  • 8 CCTV cameras

  • 3 integrated fireplaces

  • dedicated home theatre and media rooms

  • full security system with motion, glass break and door contacts throughout the home


  • The lighting panel can adjust any lighting load in the home to maximize efficiency and customization

  • The basement bar features four LCD TV’s, each capable of displaying a different channel or video source; ideal for sporting events.

  • A single press of a button in the master bedroom activates all window and door security contacts and shuts down all equipment in the house at night, (even the kids TV’s).

  • All ensuites are equipped with motion sensors, automatically bringing  the lights up to an appropriate level when someone enters. Ensuite fans are automated in a similar fashion, activating when someone enters or leaves the room.

  • The owner’s extensive movie and music collection is archived on a 4 Terabyte, uncompressed hard-drive system that is infinitely expandable, and is capable of playing 3 zones simultaneously in any audio/video zone within the home.

  • All system components are e-controlled, allowing our client to monitor and control all aspects of the operations from a secure internet connection.


  • Although the home owner was initially unaware of the current lighting control technology that now exists, this has become one of the most appreciated features of the entire system. With the total home system customized to our client’s specific needs, they have been very pleased with the systems ease of use for themselves as well as their young children and guests. So pleased, in fact, that they are now in the midst of upgrading the existing system to incorporate additional surround sound and gaming capabilities as their children grow older.