$200,000 + design and installation


This cozy ocean-front bungalow was planned by our clients to serve as their west coast retreat. They wanted a system that would bring simplicity to their lives as well as a connection to their other residences.


The home is a beautiful 2500 sq. ft. cabin. With limited space and the client’s desire to maintain a west coast ambiance, the discrete placement and concealment of our installations was of paramount importance. The design focused on integrating all subsystems together, providing intuitive controls in select locations while keeping non-principal controls concealed. SYSTEMS incorporated a comprehensive lighting control package, completely automated window treatments and central control of all HVAC components. The audio music servers were linked to each of the client’s homes allowing them to enjoy their music library and modify its contents wherever they may be.


Complete customized, automated control from any remote or touch panel:

  • 47 high voltage light switches

  • 23 automated window shades

  • 12 separate audio zones

  • 4 security web cameras

  • 3 high definition flat screens

  • 1 high definition PVR

  • 1 high definition Cable Box

  • 3 touch panels

  • Sirius satellite music source


Television installations are fully motorized, due to tight space limitations. One flat screen descends on tracks into the kitchen area from the attic; a second 42” plasma can pivot on its stand 360˚ to be viewed from either the den or the living room without blocking the ocean views. The homeowner selects which zone the 5.1 surround sound system will play in, with the front channel speakers pivoting with the television combined with duplicate rear speakers in each room, all controlled by a hand-held Crestron remote.

  • An 8” wireless touch panel screen in the kitchen controls every window shade, light fixture and audio source.

  • The security system features motion sensors, door contacts and glass monitors throughout the home.

  • A 4” touch panel at the garage entry, and another in the master bedroom, feature whole-home, single press presets for morning, evening and holiday requirements.

  • All systems components are located in 2 custom racks cleverly concealed in a closet under the main stairs, requiring access only to load CD’s or DVD’s into the servers.

  • The entire installation is e-controlled, allowing our client to control all facets of the system from a secure internet connection.


Our clients now enjoy a fully automated system that is simple and easy to use for themselves, as well as relatives and guests. SYSTEMS achieved seamlessly integrated technology while enhancing the traditional west coast cabin atmosphere. With their multiple properties, the client has genuine peace of mind, as they can observe all conditions of this home from any geographical location via the internet.