WE BELIEVE that it is every man’s god-given, inalienable right and privilege to view the largest possible flat screen television and listen to the most astounding multi-channel surround sound music that his annual net income can sustain. WE BELIEVE that, as the true leaders of civilization and shapers of human destiny, if you crave a sixty-five inch plasma HDTV widescreen mounted to the wall in every room of your home, including the butler’s pantry, then by gosh, you will have your prodigious desires fulfilled. If you wish to be sublimely entertained by cleverly disguised, 5.1, 300 watt, stereophonic speakers that envelope you in the sweet, syncopated rhythms of Miles Davis, the monolithic tribal percussions of the White Stripes or the poignant screeching and moaning of Ozzy Osbourne, then you shall be so entertained. WE BELIEVE that every conceivable aspect of your frenetic daily experience should be completely automated and digitally controlled from a single multi-function remote; window coverings will appear or disappear with the wave of a finger; the spa tub will fill to an exact depth at a precise temperature with or without bubbles; accent mood lighting and synchronized theme music shall fade up as you enter each room in your home, announcing to all that you are truly the master of your domain.

WE BELIEVE that every man, or woman, or child, with free will and clear presence of mind, is inherently imbued with the power of choice; and if offered an auspicious, intelligent and logical choice as to whom shall offer these unparalleled necessities unto their abode their first, and only, choice will be Systems. (MORE)