A little over the top? That might be the case, but what it all comes down to is ensuring that you, our client, has a total understanding of what it is that we do, how well we do it, and how all this can truly enrich your lifestyle (to a lesser or greater degree, and that depends on you). The first thing you’ll notice about SYSTEMS is that we are entirely different from any other home automation and entertainment retailer. That’s because we don’t just sell home electonics. We design home technology integration environments. WE DON’T have cartons of product stacked on the floor, or a wall of flatscreens stretching to the ceiling. WE DO have a supremely comfortable and inviting showroom that encourages relaxed, unhurried browsing and intelligent decision making. WE DON’T push every discount brand of new gizmos and gadgets that China can spit out. No Vacuum Cleaners. No Boom Boxes. No Karaoke! WE DO do our homework. We analyze trends, study consumer forecasts, examine new technologies. We choose products, brands and technologies based on our knowledge, experience and instincts, not on profit margins. WE DON’T encourage customers to take home products they don’t understand or clearly don’t need. WE DO take the time to listen to our clients. To evaluate their specific needs, to understand their dreams, to explore all viable options, and to accurately and definitively satisfy their appetites for the very best in home entertainment and automation.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? We think so, but it’s surprising how few of our competitors can even come close to offering the level of quality, service and expertise that we have persistently built our reputation on.
So, as you are planning your new house construction, or a renovation, it might just be the right time to give us a call. We’ll meet you whenever it’s convenient, at your place or ours, and give you an absolutely free, but incredibly in-depth consultation on how our knowledge and ideas can help turn your new house into a dream home.