SYSTEMS has worked diligently to place ourselves in an enviable position that allows us to offer wide-ranging and intelligent solutions for a vast range of our clients’ requirements. This includes extensive knowledge within our specialized areas of discipline, combined with the experience, expertise and insight into the day-to-day use of those systems.

Within each of these knowledge intensive categories we apply a specific set of criteria to ensure a through comprehension of the task before us.

Using Custom Audio Distribution as an appropriate example, our understanding of ohms, amps, voltage, impedance, decibels and frequency response can obviously only take us so far. What really kick starts the process is bringing our real world experience of Who, What, Where, Why and How to bear on the project.

WHO:                Who exactly will be listening to the music? Just one individual? Husband and Wife? The Kids? We want to know as much as possible about the listeners, their choices in music, how they intend to use the system, etc. before we even consider how big Billy’s subwoofer needs to be, for example.
WHAT:               Now that we’ve determined who will be listening, we can define what the best sources are to match their musical tastes. This selection can include AM/FM or satellite radio, CD, DVD, MP3 or music servers. Or, maybe, dad would like us to hook up his turntable. The choice is yours.
WHERE:              Do you like theme music while preparing a special dinner? Reading a book at bedtime? Out by the barbecue? In the hot tub? How about the shower? The possible locations to install speakers in a modern home are endless, and so are the aesthetic and acoustic challenges that each of them pose. These are the type of challenges we thrive on.
WHY:              Why will you be listening to your audio system? Is it simply background fill? For parties and entertaining guests? Talk radio? The hockey game? Is it going to be bone rattling loud in one room and whisper soft in another? All these choices and decisions have a dramatic effect on the design and implementation of the system we create for you.
HOW:              Music channeled throughout a home is great in concept, but unless we make it simple and virtually effortless, the reality is that it will seldom get used. SYSTEMS plans and implements custom audio systems with a simple and logical combination of user interfaces and labour-free music sources that a child (or a dad) can master in minutes.

This same criteria of exploration, discovery, planning and implementation is applied to every aspect of the disciplines SYSTEMS offers to our clients. Even as the specific technology changes with each undertaking, we still need to start with the basic understanding of our clients’ who, what, where, why and how.