There is a tremendous difference between
someone who can wire speakers into a wall or figure out where all those connections on the back of your plasma screen go, and those that are specifically and specially trained to conceptualize, design and install the myriad components that can make up an integrated home system. At SYSTEMS our designers have all attained CEDIA certification. This designation requires years of practical experience and validated proof of continuing professional development, as well as a comprehensive and exceedingly difficult certification exam. It is our industry’s most highly regarded credential.

                                    Everyone is familiar with the THX logo we see at the movie theatre. The THX standards for both visual and acoustical performance are also applied to home theatre installations. The designers and installers at SYSTEMS have all completed their THX certification programs and examinations and are experts in applying this knowledge to perfecting our clients’ movie watching experience.

                                    Lighting control is, to say the least, incredibly complex. It is our responsibility to reduce this complexity to the utmost simplicity. The SYSTEMS design staff has received professional certification from all relevant manufactures to design, install and program these intricate lighting systems. We have the capability to utilize both centralized and distributed load designs, control lighting with radio frequencies or hardwired direct switches and have a solid knowledge base of Electrical Codes and limitations. Not your average wire pullers.